Hay Festival – Europa 28

Cité des Arts



Rencontre en anglais / Event in English

Europa(s): identity, feminisms and diversity. Kapka Kassabova and Jane Teller in conversation with Lauren Bastide

Two of the Europa28 participants speak with Lauren Bastide about pressing questions for Europeans: identity, the feminists movements and how to really embrace cultural diversity. As part of the Wom@rts network, Hay Festival put together a powerful anthology, Europa28, that collected essays from 28 otustanding European women (thinkers, writers, scientists, entrepeneurs and artists). The book offers a vast range of perspectives, looking at this ever-chaning continent with fresh eyes and suggesting ways in which we might rebuild it. Described by critics a modern Scheherezade, Kapka Kassabova (Bulgaria/UK) is the author of the polyphonic Lisière and L’Écho du lac (Marchialy) -deep psycho-geopgraphic dives into a transboundary Balkan ecology where the human condition is expored in all its facets. Janne Teller is a critically acclaimed and best-selling Danish novelist and essayist; her work, including the well known Rien, confronts philosophical questions in life and civilization and often sparks controversial debate.