Hay Festival – Europa 28

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Rencontre en anglais / Event in English

What is Europe now? Identity, culture and the post-covid times. Kapka Kassabova and Jane Teller in conversation with Adam Biles

Two of the women from the powerful anthology Europa28, visions for the future, speak with Adam Biles about the « European » culture and experience. The book offers a vast range of perspectives, from 28 outstanding European women (thinkers, writers, scientists, entrepeneurs and artists) looking at this ever-changing continent with fresh eyes and suggesting ways in which we might rebuild it. Described by critics a modern Scheherezade, Kapka Kassabova (Bulgaria/UK) is the author of the polyphonic Lisière and L’Écho du lac (Marchialy) -deep psycho-geopgraphic dives into a transboundary Balkan ecology where the human condition is expored in all its facets. Janne Teller is a critically acclaimed and best-selling Danish novelist and essayist; her work, including the well known Rien, confronts philosophical questions in life and civilization and often sparks controversial debate.